Samsung phone receives text message asking me to download the RW app, which is already installed

What phone do you have? Sam s10+

What plan are you on? $20 per month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? everything

Issue Description

OK, starting today I cant make or receive wifi calls or test messages. I do get text messages from RW asking me to download the RW app and activate my phone. Been a customer for years. Wi Fi here is perfect down load speed is 235mbps. up speed is 12. Cant call or text, send or receive anything. Whats going on??

Please simply open the Republic App on your device. This should resolve the issue.

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I have the app installed and have been using it for years. Don’t know why it won’t work today.

Have you opened the app today? I know you have it installed, but a recent Samsung update has caused the Republic App to be “hibernated” by over aggressive power management. Opening the app resolves that issue causing the associated issues to go away.


Got it. Thanks very much :grinning:


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