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On my second Samsung s8 saying bummer not compatible I double-check on the bring your own phone, it gave me SM-G950U1 ■■■!!!

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Hi @tom4342,

Please share with us the source of this phone. If purchased online, a link to the listing would be most helpful.

Here’s the potential issue with the listing. The listed MPN and Model Number are mutually exclusive. At best, the seller is wrong about one of them. At worst, they intentionally misrepresented what you bought.

Did you receive this item as brand new in the manufacturer’s sealed box as the listing suggests you should have?

When i booted up the t mobile logo appeared it looks new but looks can be deceiving so i am assuming model and mpn have to be the same?

did a fast scan of amazon and ebay none of the numbers where correct could not find a compatible s8+ on ether

Hi @tom4342,

If the phone booted up with a T-Mobile logo that settles it as far as compatibility is concerned. The phone you bought is not compatible and the seller didn’t properly list it. I suggest a return filing against the seller with eBay if need be.

Republic requires the carrier agnostic factory unlocked variant designated model SM-G950U1. If the phone you received were genuinely SM-G950U1, you would not see a T-Mobile logo when booting the phone. What you got was model SM-G950U and the missing 1 at the end of the string makes all the difference.

You’re running into an unfortunate conundrum when sourcing phones on eBay. One has to trust sellers are both honest and competent. Sadly, while many are, all are not.

The best guidance I’ve seen for sourcing compatible phones on eBay and elsewhere is here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone. Still, even with that, ebay can be a challenge. For previously used phones, I suggest Swappa. For new, I’d stick with Amazon or another recognized retailer like Best Buy or B&H Photo.


This one looks like the correct one


" Will NOT work on SPRINT or ANY of SPRINT’s NETWORKS."

That either means it has a past-due balance with Sprint. Was reported stolen to Sprint, or is NOT a real factory unlocked version. In any case, another phone to avoid.

Its can’t be NEW if the seller is stating u need to do a factory reset.

In my professional experience as an e-commerce manager and personal experience and opinion, 95% of ebay listings for smartphone and related electronics are frauds or just bad, alike to what was already mentioned, very risky. I my self have gotten stolen phones, ones u turn on and it shows someones lock screen with a pic of their family etc. Ebay is THE dumping ground.

Swappa is far better, far more strict and dedicated to strictly smartphone and related postings. Only once did i get a phone not in the condition the seller had said it was, (had hidden water damage) Swappa was super fast and pleasant in facilitating a return and penalizing the seller.

Amazon, while I have not personally bought a phone from them, many here have and recommended it. But pay attention the seller, Amazon LCC is the best as that is Amazon directly and is most easiest to deal with for returns/issues. B&H I also hear is trusted seller.

So far have not found any Samsung s8plus or note 8 anywhere that is compatible.

Here’s a compatible S8:
And a compatible Note 8:

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