Samsung S-7 Edge Network?

Trying to figure out what Republic backbone network my Samsung S-7 Edge is using. Model G935U

I think it’s T-Mobile but not sure. Need to know for unlocking purposes.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @jerryh.m7emzc and welcome to the Community!

You may determine which network your Galaxy S7 Edge is provisioned for cellular coverage with as follows:

GSM = T-Mobile
CDMA = Sprint

That said, any Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge being used with Republic is already factory unlocked. Republic only supports factory unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge variants. There is nothing to unlock. If someone is telling you something else they are mistaken.

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Thank you for your reply Roland. Much appreciated.

The reason I asked is that I just switched this phone over to PureTalk. The phone number was ported over but I’m getting an “Enter network unlock code” screen that pops up. I realize that Republic doesn’t lock phones but I was thinking that possibly T-Mobile locked it on their end. I never had an issue activating the phone with Republic 3 years ago.

Just trying to troubleshoot the issue. Thanks again for your help!

Hi @jerryh.m7emzc,

I’ve yet to see a circumstance where either of Republic’s network partners locked a Republic activated phone to their network. I presume you’ve asked the folks at PureTalk as to why inserting their SIM prompts for a network unlock code? Does PureTalk use SIM PINs?

Yes I have talked to PureTalk and the other two phones I ported over to them from Republic did so flawlessly… so it’s not their SIM.

PureTalk tech support seemed to think it was either a Republic network partner locked issue OR a problem with Android. After discussing this with you, it appears to be the latter.

Thank you for your more-than-competent help!

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