Samsung S10+ SM-975U and SM-975U1 BYOP compatibility

Is a SM-G975UZKAXAA compatible? The way it’s described on the BYOP info page is confusing. It says, “compatible phones: SM-G975UZKAXAA,” etc., but a few paragraphs down it says, “If looking on the phone itself, the model must be SM-G975U1. Models without the “1” are not compatible with Republic.” So which is it? Is it possible to have a SM-G975UZKAXAA that is just an SM-975U, or should I assume that it’s a SM-975U1?

I’m asking partly because the eBay seller listed his as both a SM-G975UZKAXAA and an SM-975U, which would mean it’s somehow both compatible and incompatible at the same time.

Hi @joelb.vls8jn,

It means the seller is, at best, confused. SM-G975UZKAXAA is Samsung’s manufacturer’s part number that corresponds to model SM-G975U1. If the phone is genuinely SM-G975UZKAXAA, it’s model SM-G975U1 not model SM-G975U but you’d want to ask the seller to clarify the listing discrepancy.

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