Samsung s21 calls voicemail when dialing home number

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samsung s21
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My Choice + 1 GB
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data included

Issue Description

When I try to call my home number when out, it calls my voicemail. Works fine at home on wifi. Not sure if it works on other wifi, will check. Fwiw, home number is a cox landline.


Hi @randyd.vcqgxd,

You dial your home phone number and the phone reaches your Republic Wireless voicemail? :exploding_head:

Do you by any chance have your home number set to forward to your cell phone?

No forwarding. Never have. Tried manually dialing with keypad as well as via contacts and with speed dial. Same result. If I want to call my wife, I have to call her cell. Thanks for your help.

Is your home equipped with the Extend Home having the same number as your cell phone?

Do you have some type of forwarding set up on the Cox home phone? I notice they do have a feature that can send calls from a selected number directly to voicemail:

We don’t have extend home. Also, no forwarding has ever been used with the home phone.

Just to confirm, calls made to your home phone number from your Samsung Galaxy S21 go to your Republic voicemail or to Cox voicemail?

I’m sorry. We formerly had cox landline. We currently have ooma voip home phone.

Republic voicemail.

Hi @randyd.vcqgxd,

So just to recap:

  1. When out about and away from WiFi and when calling your Ooma phone number from your Republic activated Samsung Galaxy S21, the calls routes to your Republic voicemail?
  2. This happens only when calling your Ooma phone number?
  3. It does not happen when calling other numbers?
  4. If connected to your home WiFi network, calls to your Ooma phone number ring the Ooma phone?
  5. Have you had the opportunity as mentioned in your initial post to test what happens when connected to a WiFi network other than your home network?

My apologies for all the questions but your experience is anything but typical and I want to be certain we correctly understand.

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. not so far
  4. yes
  5. not yet

No worries. I appreciate all of you taking the time to address this.

Hi @randyd.vcqgxd,

Would you be able to give me an example of a call you’ve made in the last 1-2 days, on cell, from your RW cell phone to your Ooma phone?

I’d need the exact date and time that the call was made, the number you called from, and the number you called to.

Even if you’re seeing this request by e-mail, the reply you send will be publicly visible. I don’t want you posting your phone numbers publicly, so I’d like you to send me a personal message (click my username, then click “Message”) to send that info.

I’d like to take a look at our routing logs to see if there’s anything obvious that suggests how this is happening.

Is your wife’s cell phone also a Republic phone? If so, what happens when she calls the home number on cell?

Just to close out this mystery (and it was a good one!) @randyd.vcqgxd graciously provided me some sample calls and upon reviewing the call logs, I was reminded that once in a while we do see examples of a call on cell routing to a different, frequently-dialed number. The fix when this happens is to refresh the Republic activation.

Having followed those steps, @randyd.vcqgxd has confirmed his calls home are now correctly ringing his home phone. :relieved:


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