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I’m really getting sick of Republic Wireless and their website. There was no place to chat like they said there was at the bottom of the page. there are WWAAAYYY to many buttons/places to try and find an answer. All I want to know is when a phone is “out of stock” when does it come in, if ever. Why can’t that be a simple question, instead I searched for 20 minutes to ask someone, really getting tired of this company especially since there are so few phones anymore. I really want the Samsung S21, is there a place to buy it elsewhere? Thank you,

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I’m seeing it as expected and actually as a customer expert am on chat with a number of folks as we speak.

You can buy it from Samsung, Best Buy, Amazon, B&H Photo and many other places that sell the unlocked version.

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Hi @sandraw.jxs842,

I’m sorry you’ve found it frustrating to get the help you need.

The chat button is available only when chat agents are available, 9am to 9pm ET. This is what I see on the Help Center right now:
The button is disabled because it’s after 9 pm.

The Samsung S21 is very limited in availability due to a chip shortage. We are hoping to get some in stock early next week, but cannot guarantee a date.

If you are careful to buy the same model - the North American, Factory Unlocked version, it can be bought elsewhere. I see @louisdi is typing as I’m finishing this up, and I bet he’ll have some suggestions for where to find a compatible version.

Let’s please be careful not to confuse our “ask a customer” feature with the “Chat” feature that is operated by our Help Team.

I do understand that our Experts have the exact same information when it comes to out-of-stock availability as our agents, and that our Experts are actually more likely to to be able to point a member to a third-party source for the same phone, but we still want to distinguish the two options.

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This is the compatible version on Amazon:

It has the model number SM-G991UZVAXAA, which is compatible with our service.

If you find one online elsewhere and would like to confirm compatibility, please share a link here.

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For further reference here it is at Best Buy: Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB (Unlocked) Phantom White SM-G991UZWAXAA - Best Buy

Hi Southpaw, thanks for your answer. I am so frustrated as Republic doesn’t have many phones and I have various problems with this one such as not ringing when I get a phone call, also the voice mail hasn’t been working right. I read the requirements of the Samsung phone on Republic and it said that the number had to end in a 1, is that not true as the one on Amazon doesn’t?

Thank you for your reply. When I check the “bring your own phone” it says the Samsung model must end in a 1 (one), yet these do not or am I reading things wrong. Thank you, Sandra

Hi @sandraw.jxs842,

Did you want to troubleshoot the issues you’re currently having rather than spending money on a new phone?

Our inventory is very low right now, but we’re always glad to help you find a compatible phone elsewhere.

The model number for the Samsung S21 that is compatible with Republic Wireless is SM-G991U1, and that “1” on the end of that model number is very important. The version that is just SM-G991U (ending with U) is the version that is made specifically as a carrier-branded phone for someone like Verizon or AT&T.

The number listed on the Amazon link I posted is not really the “model number”, even though Amazon calls it that. It’s the Manufacturer’s Part Number. There are different colors and storage-capacity versions of the SM-G991U1, and each color/size version has a different Manufacturer’s Part Number. SM-G991UZVAXAA is one Manufacturer’s Part Number for the SM-G991U1.

Okay. so it’s okay to buy the one on Amazon? I would keep this phone but I had 2 people today that left a voice mail as I didn’t have a ring. I checked the phone and all the sound buttons were on so don’t know what’s wrong and I wanted to get a Samsung anyway… If the phone on Amazon is okay, I’ll probably get that one. Thank you for your reply.

The phone I linked directly to, assuming Amazon sends you what they have listed there, is compatible with our network.

It’s very likely that calls going straight to voicemail is not a sign of a failure of the phone, but if you wanted a new phone anyway, I won’t press you to troubleshoot it.

I know that there is someplace on my phone that sends the calls directly to voicemail but I’ve never used that so I don’t know why it is doing that. I am getting the voicecall messages though, Thanks again for the replies. Sandra

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Thank you so much for that info! Lol, I was looking for a deal, and after over an hour I was ready to pull the trigger on one, and when I double checked here I saw it was the exact same model. After ordering it I came back here again, clicked the link in your post, and Amazon noted I had purchased it. Same color even. :slight_smile:
Fingers crossed setting it up goes well, but this is one less thing to fret over. :wink:

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