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I have Samsung S7 phone. I use textra for texting. I just purchased a Samsung s3 gear watch. When I view/send/or receive messages on the watch I get the following message, “Can’t retrieve messages, change your default messaging app to messages.”

How do I turn off this notice?

The Samsung watch can only use the stock Samsung Messaging app on the phone to have full integration like view past messages and send messages via the actual “Messages” app on the watch.

Note, The Samsung messages app is NOT compatible with Republic, so you can not use it if you are with RW.

You can not use other 3rd party messaging apps on the Samsung Tizen watches and have it work natively with the watch as one may expect the Samsung Messages app does.
This is a well known limitation and design of Samsung watches.
They really want you to use it with a Samsung phone and Samsung apps only.

You can, however, respond to notifications from those 3rd party apps via the watch like reply to the message via text, voice, or auto generated messages, but you can not open the Messages app on the watch and view past messages.
I use Pulse SMS, and previously used Textra, and the notifications reply work fine on my Galaxy Watch, with no odd error message.

When I reply to text messages from the watch it gives me the default message. How do I read and respond to text messages on the watch without receiving the message?

Is Textra set as your default Messaging app?

Have you Disabled Samsung’s stock messaging app?

I dont have a Samsung Phone, so I am not able to replicate this “default” message.
When a text notification comes in to the watch from my Pixel 3 via Textra or Pulse, or Google Messages, I respond to the notification with any of the options given, Auto Text respond, voice, or typeing, and send. It sends. I have seen the watch display a “Check Phone” message when I dismiss notifications, but it works fine for me.

Either way, this is a Samsung thing…not related at all to your Republic Service.
I suggest looking to Samsung’s Wearble support site for tips and tricks on the watch.
Also, there may be a Redit community or posts about such an issue.

I’m sorry, this is wrong. I use Pulse as my messaging App and on my Gear S2 and S3 it works to send messages. It just takes a bit of extra work. Instead of trying to send the message from the messaging app on the watch, open the contacts app, tap the messaging bubble there and voila, message to the person, sent from the watch despite not having Samsung Messages enabled on the phone.

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The only app that works fully and natively with the watchs “messages” app is the Samsung messaging app.
Third party messaging apps on the phone can only send notifications to the watch to which to can do actions with them depending on the app…you can not open “messages” app on the watch and have it work with Textra or Pulse. I have tried it.
You can go in to Contacts, tap a contact, then the message icon and compose a message on the watch that way, however, I personally have not had this actually work. (Maybe because I am using it with a Pixel phone??)

If you want to view history of messages and other functions as if you were using the app on your phone, you can only do that with the Samsung app on a Samsung phone, so I have read in my research on Samsung watches.

Pulse does have a Tizen app you can install on the watch, but i found it less intuitive than just using the watches own notification reply and compose features, and it used battery in the background.

Edit: I edited my original post to be more precise. I see now where you have a valid point of correction.

I never said anything about not being able to compose a message on the watch.
Just that you cant use the features as if you were using the Samsung app on the watch.
You have to do so via the notification from Textra, a third party app.
You can also ask Bixby to send a text…but it only 10% of the time.

I did some searching and found:

I am having the same issue. I’d love to get this working. Would this work if there was an Republic Anywhere app for the Samsung watch? Maybe this is a feature request?

I realize you’d still not have the native support, but at least you would get notifications from Anywhere.

Also, can someone confirm that Pulse would work for text notifications while still having Anywhere on the Samsung phone? Thanks.

If you allow anywhere notifications in the Wear App you should get the Anywhere notifications on the watch. Have you done that?

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Thanks for the tip. That works!

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