Samsung S6 Call quality

This is an FYI for anyone with issues while making or receiving calls using a Samsung S6 on the RW network. I was having significant call quality issues using my RW supplied S6. Often I couldn’t hear the other end, or the other end couldn’t hear me; and while on speakerphone the other end would hear a very robotic voice. These were unacceptable issues to be having with the network, especially when trying to use the phone for business purposes. The problem was solved immediately when I switched to AT&T. No call connection issues and no robotic voice over speakerphone…and, bonus, (much) better data coverage nationwide. Would have liked to stick with RW but I actually need to have a phone. So, sorry, not sorry. I’m hardly even paying much more between my company’s discount and the family plan we’re on. Moral of the story - if your S6 sucks on RW, switch carriers.

One of the key attribute of the hybrid WiFi/Cell service provided by Republic is the ability to utilize the Internet that is available (either free or the one at home we already pay for). WiFi calling provides call coverage in those spots where many of the cell providers don’t reach within our homes … however with WiFi users have found that either router configurations or self inflicted installation problems can cause the problems you outlined. Thankfully the community is very good at sharing their experiences … both good and bad.

Hope AT&T continues to meet your needs in the future

The hybrid WiFi/Cell is what brought me to RW and things worked great until I changed phones. Unfortunately the troubleshooting did not resolve my issues enough to have confidence in making or receiving calls. I’m certainly not opposed to coming back to RW in the future!..but I needed a better experience at this point.

Thanks for the feedback, glad we share the WiFi/Cell attraction

Republic’s Adaptive Coverage™ which includes WiFi to Cell handover, Cell to WiFi handover and the Bonded calling are all leading edge breakthroughs that many of us have enjoyed … and of course there have been many adjustments to these as time passes. Hopefully all users when they do experience a problem will provide some feedback either in this forum or to Republic to ensure they are aware of the problems and the various ways the problems manifest themselves

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