Samsung S6 G920P vs Samsung S6 G920T


Why is the Samsung S6 G920P not on the list to bring your own phone? It looks like the difference from G920P and G920T is that the T is 64 gb and P is from Sprint and T is from T-Mobile, arent those both carriers that republic uses?


The short answer is Republic requires the North American unlocked versions of all the 3.0 phones on their system. This link will give you details as to which phones are compatible. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

You will need to ensure you purchase the correct model number and build number in some cases.


the G920T is also the model for the North American Factory Unlock
(these are still different software build than the T-Mobile version and the T-Mobile builds are not compatible)

Moderator’s note: List of builds removed because the information will not update as our list changes. Please refer to the information at the link for the most up-to-date list of supported builds.


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