Samsung s7 Edge hunt... help!

I am going to updating my clunky Moto X 2nd gen for a Samsung s7 Edge. Im completely bummed that I somehow missed RW’s last sale on them. (If anyone happens to be selling one please let me know)
So now Im trying to find one that is under $350-$400 but dont really trust ebay. Can anyone help? Im looking for black, new if possible.


Ebay and Swappa really are your best bet, and both of them have buyer protection.

You will want to read this information to make sure you are purchasing the correct model:

Also, here is the list of compatible phones:

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I see one (silver) for $499.99 on Amazon (says only 2 left in stock). B&H photo/video has two used (SM-G935U) phones in stock in your price range.

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