Samsung S7 from Verizon

I was given a Verizon Samung 7 from my sister. Can I activate with a republic sim card and transfer my republic number (moto G) to the Samsug? What steps to I need to follow to prepare the phone for the Republic sim card?

I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to use a Verizon S7 was Republic. You can verify this by installing the Republic App on the device which will immediately tell you if the phone is compatible when you open the app.

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Should I order the sim card? If it doesn’t work, can I use the sim card in a different phone compatible with republic?

For use in the Verizon S7, no. It won’t work.

Yes, however, as you may know Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones and the SIM available for public sale may or may not provide the best coverage option. If you’re comfortable sharing here, might we know a zip code (nothing more) to verify which Republic coverage option would be best?


I’m a long time customer looking to upgrade an old moto g currently under the $10 talk & text plan.

@jamt96 In that area you’re going to want the same type of SIM (CDMA) that you currently have in your phone. That type of SIM can’t be purchased on the Republic site, it has to be sent by the support team. Here are directions on how to request it:

To be clear, though, our coverage team will not send a SIM card for a Verizon branded S7, since it’s not compatible with our service.

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Thanks southpaw, that is what I was looking for. I am a current republic customer and looking to upgrade my phone, I thought this would be a possible solution.

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