Samsung S7 international version

Will a USA plan work with the international version of the S7 Galaxy?


the International model (930F European Factory Unlocked) is not compatible with Republic as it is not approved, Republic has so far only approved north american (US Regional) factory Unlocked model 930U

Thank you for the prompt reply. Do you know the approved S7 Edge model number?

The S7 is the 930U. I have one. The Edge is the 935U and RW has it on sale right now. Great phone.

The Edge is slightlying to big for me same as the moto z play, if the non edge was on the same sale I’d get it today, this is why I’m shopping around. Anybody know what deals March may bring? Thank you all for the quick replies, the RW community is awesome!

There is this promotion:

Special Offer From Samsung: 256GB MicroSD Card

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