Samsung s7 "moisture detected" when wired charging; then choppy ringtone

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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My Choice+1G

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Issue Description

There are two problems that started happening within a few days of each other, in case that is a clue.

About a week ago, started getting the “moisture detected” alert when inserting a charging cable. Tried 3 different cables, same problem. No recent history of getting the phone wet. Wireless charging works as usual.

Then just today, the phone audio began malfunctioning. Ringtones either completely silent or choppy, as if an intermittent open circuit was rapidly opening and closing in the audio.

Any clues? Is my phone headed for the repair shop or the dust bin?

Based on stuff I read so far, I am wiping the cache partition, so I can’t try anything on the phone until that’s done. Got a sizeable SD card so this may take a while…

Hi @do1029ug3

Have you tried the trouble-shooting tips at the Samsung support site yet?


Hi @do1029ug3 ,

We also have this advice in our own Help Center, and another member recently commented that this has solved the “moisture detected” issue for her.


Thank you, johnny5 & southpaw. Yes, the descriptions you pointed me to fits. I’m using wireless charging until the wired charging starts working again. The phone’s had some time to dry overnight, so I’ll try the cable again shortly.

Re the audio problem: the cache partition wipe seems to have fixed it. Fingers crossed anyway.

Thx again both


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