Samsung s7 out of stock


when will samsung s7 be available for purchase? is it better than my moto x3 which is too slow?


The Samsung S7 was a temporary restock and is a discontinued item. It won’t be coming back. It has been replaced first by the S8 and now by the S9.


I’m afraid, the temporary return of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge to Republic’s online store were as clearance items. Given, Samsung no longer manufactures these phones, it’s unlikely Republic will be able to further restock.

You mention a Moto X3. Do you mean the Moto X Pure Edition? You’re correct it’s the 3rd Generation of the Moto X, however, we don’t often see it referred to that way and I’d like to be certain we’re on the same page regarding your current phone before making any further suggestions.

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