Samsung s7 photo gallery location ON phone - transferring images to pc


Where can you locate the photos in your Samsung gallery on the actual phone? It seems to be non-existent. Reached out to Samsung and they wanted me to download their software allowing full access and rights to everything I transferred…I kindly said NO…


Hi @pricelessme_ct!

You should have an app called “Gallery” installed. Here is a screenshot from my S7E:


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Yes I know where the album is on the phone but when trying to locate them in the phone backing up your images to your pc…it is non-existent


There should be a folder labeled DCIM or something like that. It will be located in that folder.

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they are not located there…already moved all images from that folder over and I still have over 4000 photos on my phone (more accurately I moved the entire folder directly over to the pc)


Have you checked the folder titled “Pictures”? Did the pictures perhaps get stored on an SD card you had in your phone?


YES, Samsung claims you have to download their special app to “backup” everything but then you give away all your rights to everything you transfer. But they aren’t there either…I have even gone as far as to do a *.jpg etc search to try and locate the images - and there are none to be found. So Samsung seriously has seemed to have stolen all images “on” your phone.


One easy way to backup images is with the Photos app. The backed up images end up here:

Once you have them in Google’s cloud it is easy to share them with others, edit them, save them to your computer, etc.

This is how I manage photos with my S7. I didn’t like the Samsung backup option.


Not all of them are backed up for some reason - I dont really have time to go through over 4000 images and back them up one by one


It takes a while to back up 4000 images and one would only want to do that when connected to WiFi. By the way, housecleaning is much easier from the cloud too. Every now and then I go there to delete redundant images, etc.


I inquired with Samsung about their own “cloud”, unlike Google - they don’t actually give you online access to them…and unlike Motorola - you cannot just locate the DCIM folder and the like and remove all images from your phone. I seriously think people need to understand the power Samsung has over their phones and their customers - Customers are their puppets…and have no control over anything on their phone.

It should not be hard to access your phone and remove all images you have taken. Samsung makes it absolutely impossible.
Before deleting all of these images - I wanted to double check that they are in fact backed up to Google. sigh…


I just connected my S7 to my PC. My S7 has an SD card. This is the first screen:

Clickiing on “Card” I get this:

Clicking on DCIM I get this:


Finally, clicking on Camera I get this:


Where I see all my photos. If you don’t have an SD card you will find your photos under Phone in the first image at the top of this post.


Under the DCIM folder mine shows empty but if I goto my gallery on my phone it shows (please bare in mine that my buttons no longer work on my new phone so I cannot take screen shots)



If you are looking at the images in your DCIM folder from Windows 10, and if you have Windows 10 File Explorer configured to display thumbnails, it is going to take Windows 10 a long time to render 4058 images.

It isn’t necessary to use the buttons (which Samsung warrants for a year) to take a screenshot. Moreover, the buttons Samsung uses are Home (the fingerprint button) and Power, not Power and Volume like on your old Motorola phone. Check this out to find 3 ways to take a screenshot:


already tried all of those before after the buttons stopped working and they dont work anymore either.


Samsung has nothing to say, just take it to a repair shop…RW has yet to respond to the ticket I placed yesterday afternoon.


Apparently your phone has failed. All three of those methods work on my S7.

Typically Samsung has you send your phone to them. They repair it and send it back to you. They say their turn-around time is about two weeks. Since you just got the phone it must be under warranty. right?


Its under warranty yes i just bought it in july, yea me…now they claim you can take it to best buy so I have to find the time to get over there …this is not what a consumer should have to endure…this was already after the s7 was given a bad rap for catching fire…and samsung should be more receptive and apologetic and offer a free replacement not make one run around with non stop issues after already spending 3months attempting to validate the warranty (BBB report worked for that to happen RW was no help and samsung support literally was a joke)


The S7 is not the model that had the fire problem. That was the Galaxy Note 7, The S7 has a great reputation. It is by far the best phone I’ve owned.


Well clearly not mine …

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