Samsung S7 problem with service when off WiFi

I got a message saying I was getting close on Data…I have plenty left and yet when I am driving or without wifi ALL connections drop…can’t make calls, no GPS, no texting or email.

You need to identify the phone you are having problems with then someone same type could offer some help.

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Oops. Samsung Gallaxy S7 Edge

While we wait for someone that has your phone type to respond here is something that you can check


Please go through the steps listed here as well as those Jben suggested:

Samsung S7 edge recently received a security update.

Please go to Settings
Mobile Networks
Data Roaming
Check that all the switches are turned ON
Tap on Roaming Guard
Turn OFF all the switches

Whenever there is an Android update on Samsung S7 edge, I’ve noticed it will go back to the defaults and turn off Data Roaming and turn on Roaming Guard.


Thank you…that did it. I do appreciate it. Leigh


Glad to help!

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