Samsung s7 using crazy amounts of data


I have had Republic Wireless for several years and have never come close to using all of my data. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy s7 and now use up all of my data within days. I have gone into every single app’s settings to try to restrict background data and it is still using all of my data this quickly. What else can I do or does anyone know why it is using so much data?



Did you set up Google Play store to update your apps on WiFi only?

The Republic app will tell you which apps are using cellular data. What does it say?

You might also want to install a no root firewall, NetGuard is popular. How To: Block Individual Apps on Your Android from Accessing The Internet (No Root)



Thank you! It is saying Instagram and Facebook are using the most data, which is to be expected, but I do not use them anymore than I had in the past on different phones.



Hi @rachelm.ohvqmo,

If you haven’t already done so, perhaps check the settings on Facebook and Instagram to make sure their most data-consuming features are restricted to Wi-Fi. Instructions are here: Wi-Fi your apps!



If you where on the old 1.0 plan, then you were probably paying for 3G service and not 4G service.

If you where on the 1.0 plan, you would have had a much higher amount of data to use, up to 5GB. Also, if you are downloading videos in these apps, then it is possible that they are now streaming at a higher resolution which requires more cellular data, since the phone is using 4G service. You might check to see if the video resolution is adjustable, or just wait until the phone is connected to WiFi to view videos.


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