Samsung s7 usually on roaming and cannot access data


I recently “upgraded” from my Moto x gen 2. The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy s7. The S7 is usually on Roaming and cannot access data. therefore, I can’t use google at all .I cant load maps from the GPS program…lovely…Also, this phone drops calls frequently when am in areas where the other phone never had problems. Sometimes, text messages simply do not arrive at all. I suspect Republic is not really supporting the phone .I had to reactivate the old phone in order to get haffway decent service…



With the MX2, you were on the Sprint cell/data network. With the GS7, you are on the T-Mo cell/data network. Apparently, in your area, they don’t have the same coverage. I think your phone (GS7) supports both CDMA and GSM cell networks. You can open a support ticket and request that your service be moved back to Sprint.



where you roaming with the Moto X gen2?
all 3.0 phone plans do not have Roaming data

it’s also possible you have moved to the GSM partner (T-Mobile) as @beachb posted

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I also would agree that you are likely on Republic’s GSM carrier. To confirm, you can remove the SIM card from your phone. If the card has mostly green lettering for the work Republic, then you are on the GSM carrier. Republic staff should be able to help you get a CDMA SIM card from your phone.



Thanks a million. I will look into that


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