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With the Nougat update, the Samsung S7 voicemail interface is incredibly annoying. Way too many clicks to get anything done and no single view for what is in the voicemail box. Combine this with telemarketers leaving voicemails just layers on the frustration.

Is there any means of replacing the default voicemail interface? The dialer itself appears to be locked down.

Otherwise, does anyone know of a call blocking app that will also prevent voicemails from being left?


There are a few apps, I’ve used some in the past. They’re not fool proof.

You may want to register with National Do Not Call Registry:

Also, you can use the option to block these unwanted calls:

When a telemarketer calls, tap on Recent
Tap on the people icon for the call
Tap on 3 dots in upper right corner
Tap on Block Number

If you have Identify Spam turned on you can also report the call. To Turn on Identify Spam Numbers:

Tap on the Telephone Icon
Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
Tap on Settings
Turn on Identify Spam Numbers by tapping on this option
Flip the switch to ON

I do not know if there is a way to make voicemail more convenient. Maybe some one else will chime in on that.


Thanks for the response. I’m doing most of these steps. So far I’ve stuck with the built-in anti-telemarketer anti-spam. Its decent and intercepts ~50% of the calls but they still go to voicemail. Same as if I manually reject. Its possible there is no good solution but thought that I’d ask!


You could try this app, it will hang up on telemarketers that are on the FCC Report. I’ve used this app in the past, it sort of works. None of these apps are fool proof. From what I understand the FCC is allowing telemarketers to call right to voicemail. As annoying as it is, you may have to ask them to remove your number from their calling list. This will work with legitimate telemarketers. The calls I get are all Robo Scam calls from off shore locations, they do not leave messages and any attempt to ask them to stop calling is futile. They just continue to generate different phone numbers and call.

Here’s the link to that app:


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