Samsung S8 - CDMA Sim Card



I have the Samsung S8 and live in Northern Wisconsin. My problem is I have been waiting for the sim card for this phone to move over to CDMA to use the Sprint network rather than the T-mobile frequency. T-mobile in our area is not good at all. I have received 2 different answers on this issue. One stating the new sim has just been released and another stating it has not. I went through the supported help and was elevated to a person at Republic Wireless Directly site. Andreas told me it was just released and she would send me back to tech support to have a SIM card sent out. So now the tech that she sent me to is saying she is wrong? Super disappointed. Now I cant get back in touch with the tech (Andreas) that gave me the info. :frowning:


Hi @brianr.88f48w,

May I have the ticket number, please? It’s a very new addition to support, @andreas is correct, and I apologise that the support agent you worked with has not yet been apprised.


@southpaw - Looks like 1318970

Brian - Sorry for the complication, but it will get straightened out!


Thanks @andreas, someone is taking a look at your ticket now, @brianr.88f48w.


Thank you, everyone! I have been contacted and the new SIM is being sent.


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