Samsung S8 useable with Spectrum Mobile?

I bought my Samsung Galaxy S8 when it became available in the Republic Wireless Store. I have considered moving from Republic Wireless, due lack of service in many areas I have been to, to Spectrum Mobile. Can anyone tell me if my phone will still work? Is my phone truly unlocked? How can I find out?

Hi @leonardg.xp9pb4 and welcome to the Community!

The S8 you purchased from Republic is factory unlocked and may be activated with Spectrum Mobile or any other service provider willing to do so.

Before taking them up on any offer they may be extending, may I trouble you for some information as I’d like to see if we might improve your coverage experience with Republic. As you may or may not know, Republic has multiple coverage options.

Specifically, would you be comfortable sharing a zip code (nothing more)? Secondly would you please let us know which SIM type your S8 is currently provisioned with. Here’s the how to on that:

90650 is my zip

Hi @leonardg.xp9pb4,

According to the coverage maps both of Republic’s network partners have excellent coverage in and around your area. You mention lack of service in many areas. Is this in and around Norwalk or elsewhere?

Additionally, to better help you, we need to know which Republic SIM type your phone is equipped with? Would you be kind enough to let us know after following the steps here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help?

In my area Spectrum mobile specifically says BYOP is NOT supported.
Edit. Looks like they just started to support it.

I was out at Hemet Lake, Ca about two years ago and there was no signal or WiFi. My daughter ha no signal on her cell and she has T-Mobile. She did have a signal on her work cell which is Verizon. I was in Paramount, CA a few weeks ago and could not even use GPS to find a store I was looking for. I was at my grandson’s soccer game, cannot remember where it was, and I had to tether to my daughter’s work cell, which is Verizon, so I could check e-mail of Facebook.

Good Morning @leonardg.xp9pb4,

We still don’t know which of Republic’s network partner’s your S8 is provisioned with for cellular coverage. Please allow me to provide some context.

Republic provisions phones for cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. The other network partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. In your home zip of 90650 both partners appear to have excellent coverage. One or the other may have better coverage elsewhere where you travel. It’s possible a switch of network coverage with Republic on your S8 will benefit you, however, we need to know which Republic SIM (GSM or CDMA) is currently in your phone. I’ve previously posted the link to Republic’s Help Center article on how to make that determination, however, perhaps, that’s not reaching you.

Please try the following on your S8:

  1. Open the Republic App
  2. Tap the gear icon upper right
  3. Tap About
  4. Under the Phone Info section, your phone’s SIM type will be listed (GSM or CDMA)

Please tell us whether you see GSM or CDMA?

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looking at carrier maps of the Hemet lake the CDMA partner (Sprint) only has Roaming in the area (extended coverage is roaming for Republic)

whicle trhe GSM partner (T-Mobile) shows fair coverage (which can be hit and miss and I would use your daughters on the ground experience as what to expect with fair coverage)

SIM Type shows as GSM

You might consider giving a Republic CDMA SIM a shot. There would be nothing to lose. While it might not help at Lake Hemet, it may improve the experience when out and about elsewhere. If so inclined, here’s how to ask:

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