Samsung s8 vs pixel 3a

samsung s8 vs pixel 3a. Which is a better phone and which has better battery life? I currently have a moto z play and it is a great phone but the battery (or something ) is dieing and I read it is hard to replace battery without breaking the phone. That and I am on the t mobile network which sucks around hear, sprint is much better in my area. When I bought it republic had bad info thinking t mobile was better so it would not let me buy a sprint phone.
So both of these will allow me to get back to the sprint network but which is better.

I think you’d be better off with the Pixel 3a. It is 2.5 generations newer, will get updates for 3 years including 2 major version updates, while the S8 is nearing the end of its software update life, the Pixel 3a camera is superior and finally, in my experience, Samsung phones age fairly poorly because of their heavier Samsung OS skin and the leaner OS on the Pixels ages better.

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Can i bring your own phone samsung s9? Republic sells them but not on byo list. If yes is the a model nimber?

All phones sold by Republic can by BYOPed. Details here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

Would this pixel 3a work?

Yes, it would.

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