Samsung S9+ - Android RW icons

When I’m home I see the arc as solid white with a phone and wifi bars icon next to it. When I’m at work on wifi i see only a solid green arc.
Why are they different? Shouldn’t they be the same as I have 5 bar wifi in both places?

The link RW seems to always reference for icon questions has stuff that might be the icons in question, but none of those files can be opened.

So, what are all of the icons the republic app shows and what to they mean?

RW seems to left that page out of the book or support notes.

Something similar to this but for the basic RW icons would be helpful. What are Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help


Hi @Majorninth,
Could you please share screenshots so we can understand what you’re seeing? It may also be helpful to know which phone you have.

If you didn’t end up with the Samsung S9, would you post back which phone your having problems with?
Or edit the Title that I just changed for you

I edited the title to s9+.
I ended up powering off my phone earlier. When I powered it back up later in the same room it was in, it now just shows a single icon solid white arc. Looks just like the one in southpaws avatar except no green circle.

I really just wanted to know the meaning of each possible RW icon. I have no problems that I’m aware of.

The persistent white icon in the notification icons part of the phone, the top left, is most always a solid white. When u open your notification tray, it shows the R.W notification and what its current status is.

What those mean are detailed in the document linked to already: Would be great if they added screen shots of each one to make it easier for folks.

Yes it would.
So what about the icon that is the phone with wifi bars that says calls over wifi? Why does that come and go?

Hi @Majorninth,

Are you sure that notification is coming from the RW app? If you pull down the notification shade and long press the notification, which app is identified as its source?

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It seems that the icon phone with wifi bars is a phone app “wifi calling” not RW. It’s just kind of annoying that it comes and goes. It went away again before I could get a screenshot.

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This may not have anything to do with coverage or cell bars. I’m not sure if this is what’s happening or not, but S9 and S9+ phones have a neat feature to be able to customize the icons. If RW left any code in the app for a green icon, that could be why you’re see it in green at times. This is just a guess on my part.

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