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I ordered a Galaxy S9+ 256GB (Unlocked) direct from Samsung, but cancelled it immediately because the order confirmation showed the model number as:

BYOP compatibility shows only 3 model numbers for S9+:
Does anyone know if that slight difference, FX in the one I ordered, versus PA, BA, KA in the 3 RW models are simply color and that I ordered upgraded ram? If that’s all, would a Lilac handset with 256 GB be compatible for my daughter?


See this article:


Hi @texag85!

If the model numbers do not match, then it will not work on Republic. That being said, Republic only supports those three (one for blue, black, and purple). You can still purchase one in the purple color-it just has to be the right model (in this case model G965UZPAXAA). I hope that helps a little bit!



Indeed. I don’t know why Republic doesn’t support the higher capacity models. It doesn’t really make sense, but I am sure they have a reason. That would be a question for the “higher ups”. I am just a peasant like you :wink: .


It is not that big of a deal though, since the S9+ supports MicroSd card (so says Samsung website specs).

So once can get the 64GB model and then a large MicroSD card. It supports up to a 400GB card says other sites.


Thanks for your responses. I thought I had read higher capacities were supported, but now see that’s in regards to installing a micro SD card. My daughter wants it for the camera, so I figured it would be easier to order it with higher capacity built in. I also see to order an S9 from RW, the only option is black with 64 GB.


WRONG! The highest capacity models are compatible.


I have a s9+ 64gb that I got from Best buy. It has the 1 in the model number per the RW compatible list. It works just fine on RW. I haven’t needed to add an extra memory yet.


I wrote the reference article. All of the ones you mentioned are compatible, all capacities are compatible. The model ending in XAA is the correct model as stated in my article, so you can purchase any of those in any color and any capacity and they will work with Republic.


The higher capacities are supported. I’m sorry you were given incorrect information in this thread.


For future reference for anyone that might stumble across this thread. Capacity is never a factor for compatibility. If the model is compatible, then the model is compatible, regardless of capacity or color. In the case of these Samsung devices the requirement is that they be the factory unlocked version, which Samsung indicates with an XAA at the end of the model SKU.


It sure would be nice, for clarification, if in the compatibility checker, RW would star out digits that don’t matter (like you state in your article), because 3 specific models are listed:

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Buying elsewhere? Follow these steps.

  1. We only support the North America unlocked version of this phone. Look for one of these model numbers in the product details: SM-G965UZPAXAA , SM-G965UZBAXAA , SM-G965UZKAXAA
  2. If you’re unsure whether the phone you’re buying meets these requirements, we suggest contacting the seller directly to verify the information


I agree this is confusing and the issue was brought to the attention of staff last night. In Republic’s defense the 128/256 models were just recently launched by Samsung and we’re not available when the S9/S9+ originally launched.


I have read the discussion you all had about the S9+, but we are looking to buy the S9 model.

Again, in an effort to get the lilac color, we see the unlocked S9 in lilac purple is available when purchased directly from Samsung.

Under the Republic Wireless “bring your own phone” guide, it states that we must buy a Samsung S9 with the model number SM-G960U1. But when I looked up the unlocked S9 phones at the website, it shows that the only unlocked S9 model available is the SM-G960UZPAXAA

Does anyone know if the SM-G960UZPAXAA model listed on the Samsung website is compatible with Republic Wireless?


It is. See here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


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