Samsung S9 No Network Connections?


I have a 64gb Samsung Galaxy s9, just received and set it up yesterday. Today is the first day I’ve left the house with it and it says ‘No Network Connections you do not have access to cellular networks.’ when I’m not not on wifi.
I have the My Choice + 1gb plan.
I had the MotoX gen2 for almost 3yrs before this and never had this issue.
I tried looking up the problem and went into my settings, but from my limit knowledge, everything appears to be fine.


Hi @amberm.0yrdow,

We partner with two nationwide carriers for cellular service, and each phone is equipped with a SIM card for one of those two carriers. The S9 uses a different SIM card than your Moto X 2nd Gen, so coverage may not be the same on the two phones.

If your home is in an area of poor coverage, sometimes the activation process does not fully complete. When you’re able to go to an area where coverage is strong (usually outdoors in a well-populated area) reboot the phone and that may allow it to complete the cellular activation which would then allow it to work at your home where the signal may be weaker.

There’s also the possibility that coverage in your area is just not good for the SIM card in your phone. For many of our phones we can provide a different SIM card that would offer the same coverage you had on the Moto X (2nd Gen). Because the Samsung S9 is such a new phone, we do not yet have a compatible SIM card for the other carrier. If you’ll open a support ticket they will be glad to discuss options with you to make sure you do have the coverage you need.