Samsung S9 wants to update firmware every two hours

Samsung S9


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It says that the firmware updated but keeps getting a notification every two hours saying it needs to update. Tried clearing the Cache -no help tried turning the notification off -no help rebooted phone- no help
It is my wife’s phone so I hate to do a factory reset if there is another solution. Any help out there? thanks

Is it a new phone? Or has not been updated in long time?
Assuming u mean the Android system updates and not your Google Play store app updates.

There often is multiple system updates that need to be installed that requires multiple reboots. Just keep applying them, and go into the phones system settings and use the Check For Update option until there is no more update.

The current system OS security update build should be January or February build date listed in the About Phone pages. If not, then u are using older software.

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She has had the phone since July of last year and it got several updates when I set it up for her. It has a February build date I believe. Android 10 Kernel of Feb 6, 2020 Security patch is Feb 1

Thanks for your reply

It is a Sprint OADM that keeps wanting to update( shows up in notifications) you tell it to update and it Updates profile and says it is complete but then it keeps wanting to update every 2 hours. Hope I have explained it well enough, The Firmware says it has already updated at 2am earlier this morning.

Is your RW app installed and up to date?

Try a Refresh of the Republic Activation and reboot

Otherwise, i think u should be able to just turn off the notification for the Sprint OTA app and it should not bother u.

Refresh did not fix anything. software update says it is updated and the Update profile says it completed but notification says firmware needs updated. I will look for notification to see if I can shut it off. Phone seems to work ok other than this glitch. Thanks for trying. It is appreciated! The Republic app was up to date.

Hi @paulp.h7puhr,

Has this resolved or does the experience persisi?

So far she has not gotten the notification back, but she has not rebooted the phone since I disabled the OTA notification.

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Hi @paulp.h7puhr,

If you’d like to share the firmware build on the phone, we might confirm it’s the most recent available.

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QP1A.190711.020.G960U1UES7DTB2. That’s the build number

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Based on data available to me, I believe those firmware updates may be legitimate. The next time a notification presents itself, please allow the update to proceed, then check the build number again. Does it change?


Ok thanks, will check for a change next time it occurs.


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