Samsung SM-J32SA is not able to make calls either on cell or WiFi

What phone do you have? SM-J32SA

What plan are you on? 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1G data

Issue Description

I am unable to make a phone call either using WiFi or cell. It immediately stops the call.
I am able to receive calls, text, use internet etc.

Hi @vijayr.7lnpeo,

I don’t recognize that model number. Could you tell us more about what kind of phone that is and whether you bought from Republic Wireless? Is it one of our supported phones?

It is a Samsung phone bought thru Republic Wireless. I believe it is J3 and is about two year old.

My wife uses it and is unable to call me or home. She can reply a call to her but cannot call any number.

Can you tell us more about what happens when it “immediately stops the call”? Is there any sound, recorded message, or message on the phone screen?

Has she rebooted the phone since this behavior began?

Please try uninstalling and re-installing the Republic app. Steps to do so are here:

Immediately after she call is placed there are three or four of tings and then phone goes silent. No recorded message.
Will try your suggestion. No reboot yet. How does one do that?

Hold the power button until you see the option to restart, then tap that twice.

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The uninstall/reinstall process appears to work. Haven’t checked it from cell but surely on wifi.
The problem appears to have started after the Republic update in March. Thanks for your help.


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