Samsung unlocked model #discrepancy

I need a new phone. My s7 has been awesome, but the battery is 3 years old and on life support. I have a retailer near me that sells an S10 for the same price as republic. Unlocked. However the model number is different.
Is a model #SMG973UZKV the same as SMG973U1 republic sells?

I’m just thinking of the time savings, and shipping cost. Obviously not worth the hassle if it won’t work.

Thanks for your help.

No, that isn’t the same version. That version has been modified for Verizon and won’t work with Republic.

More info here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


Thanks for the quick reply Louisdi. I read your post. Will this one work G973UZKAXAA?. It ends in xaa which seems to be the requirement. If it will work, can I just switch out the Sim card and be good to go?

Yes, that’s the correct model. As far as whether you can move the SIM, please open the Republic App on your phone, click the gear at the top and then about. What does it say there for “SIM Type”?

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Sim is GSM

Then you can move it to the new phone and then install and open the Republic App on it to complete the transfer/activation of service.


Thanks for your help!

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