SanDisk 32 gb, ultra with read/write speed of 80 mb/sec


I changed from generic 10 speed rated 32 gb sdhc card to a SanDisk 32 gb, ultra with read/write speed of 80 mb/sec. i transferred all files to new card. Phone finds card but dies not seem to be able to see pictures or transfer pictures from phone to card. Apps that are on the card work, however. I have a Moto 3rd gen phone.


It is possible that the SanDisk card is faulty. It happens. The good news is that SanDisk is very good about replacing cards, whether it actually turns out to be faulty or not. You might want to pursue this. If you have the same problem with a new memory card, then you at least know it’s not the card.


While I don’t have an answer here, it would be highly unusual for a card to fail in a way that the phone can write apps to the card, and then read them, but that photos somehow fail to write. I can’t think of what kind of failure that would be.

Here’s where I would start. Remove the card and put it in a PC. Format it in the PC, try it in the phone again.


I solved my issue. When I copied old card data to new card, I put all pictures in DCIM folder and when I opened Gallery on the phone it did not, by default, open that folder, so I saw no pictures. When I went to albums, DCIM was listed as an album and all the old pictures were there. When I take new pictures, by default, they are saved simply to the SD card. Now that I know that access to pictures is a little different, there is no problem. By default, when I open Gallery, it goes to albums, where all the pictures are stored. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Don Jurkowitz

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