SanDisk micro sd card

I just inserted a micro sd card into my motoX4.
in the SanDisk card settings it is giving me the option of .android_s… or Android

What is the difference between the two?

Hi @elizabethb.4y227j, :slight_smile:

Normally you should be offered to configure the SD card as internal or external storage. See if this helps you:

Using an SD card - moto x4

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This helped a lot. I saved the address so I can go through it more thoroughly.

My SD card is now formatted and in the tutorial it mentioned .android_s. That is just the name for the external storage.

As per usual, some of the instructions they use are not on my phone. But if I look around for awhile, sometimes I can find them.

Thanks so much for your prompt response and great help!

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