Satellite Phone recommendations

Anyone familiar with or can recommend a Satellite phone device and service provider?

Don’t mean like Satellite home phone/internet…i mean, wilderness, middle of no where Sat phone.

You looking to buy or rent? If buying the best value in this area that I’ve found is the ISATPhone 2 which works with Immarsat. The phone is $600 new, which is on the low end of pricing for a true global phone (no coverage at the poles). The Immarsat pricing is fairly expensive. Edited because I provided the fixed station pricing rather than the mobile phone pricing. Here’s the correct pricing:

10 Minutes $40
50 Minutes: $60
70 Minute: $70
100 Minute: $90
Additional minutes range from $0.99 to $0.59 depending on plan.

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Any idea as to the security of such things?

Are these “secure” lines…encrypted?

Or is that some other device or service needed.

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Immarsat offers “I’m here to overthrow the local government” type encryption only on its more expensive service. They’ve got good info here:


Check out Satpac there rate are very good. the equip. cost $249.00 You may find what your looking for.


I think the issue with Satpaq is it is messaging only. They don’t do calling (unless their product has changed very recently).

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