Saudi Arabia Lifts VoIP Ban

Of possible interest to Republic members traveling in the Middle East:


Is this open to men or are they letting women Skype too?

This has been already confirmed by at least one RW member here


Seriously? They may have problems with social restrictions but they howl with laughter that we have to fight for equal pay for equal work over here. And that we have to teach children that girls can do STEM as well as boys.


We are making some headway. Back in the 1970s, when I was invited to join the Jaycees, I told them I’d join when my wife (an attorney) joined. I was told she was welcome in the Jaycee-ettes, the women who prepared and served meals to the men at Jaycee functions. She wasn’t permitted to join the Elks either. Without the ability to rub shoulders with the business crowd her practice was largely representing women in domestic relations matters.

True that. The odd thing about Saudi society is that with all the restrictions on women that we see, the women are very tech savvy. Social media there has done more for women’s progress than I ever imagined when I lived there back in the '80s.

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