Save videos from text messages to Gallery or Photo's

Moto E 2nd Generation
Talk & Text only.

I receive texts from my son’s apple phone containing multiple pictures as videos. I want to download the pictures to Gallery or photo’s. How do I accomplish this?

long press on the image/movie should give download (or save as) options

These instructions are for the Republic Anywhere texting app on your phone.

Tap the image you want to save so that it is full-screen. At the top of the screen you should see the sender’s name, and the sharing wishbone icon. If these disappear too quickly, just tap the image again so that they re-appear.

If the icon for Google Photos does not appear to the right of the sharing wishbone, tap the sharing wishbone and a list will appear. May have to tap See all to see the full list. Tap on Google Photos. Then you should get the screen to Upload to Photos. Then tap Upload.

You may get the message to do this always, tap yes and then it should appear every time.


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