Saved again by RW services

A few days ago I left my cell phone in a friends car and won’t get it back until later today. Thanks to Republic Anywhere and Extend Home I still had service on my cell number at home,

I hope Dish Network understands how valuable these services are.


As another technologist who also grew up in a different era, I must again applaud the Republic Wireless Team on its innovations and include Adaptive Coverage and its key component “Bonded Calling” . This system detected and mitigated poor WiFi and network problems … most of which wasn’t even noticed by the user.
I never had a need for Extend Home, but from monitoring the forum since its inception, I must wholeheartedly agree with you … truly valuable!
Hopefully, these will survive the Dish buyout along with Anywhere and Extend Home


As a long time RW member, I’m planning for the worst and hoping for the best. Keeping RW just the way it is has been is my long time hope, and the reason that I’m sticking with RW. Realistically however, RW is a very small drop in the Dish pond which includes almost 9 million Boost customers that are a huge priority since many of them are on the CDMA network that’s being dismantled. RW’s Wi-Fi-first infrastructure along with its GSM emphasis should keep us quietly going on as-is for quite some time. It’s my hope that any changes, which will eventually occur, will be to our advantage–both financially and performance-wise.


Very well said. I am so proud of RW. They never ‘promise’ too much, and they often ‘deliver’ more. Rock On RW!.


I remember those days. Unfortunately I am no longer able to use Anywhere after reinstalling it at the direction of support, only to find the APK can’t be installed and to have support tell me after having removed to reinstall that Anywhere is a discontinued feature so they won’t assist further…

Really sad to see every feature I’ve come to love over the years fall by the wayside. Extend home is discontinued as well.

I’m thankful Anywhere is still working perfectly on my Windows 10 PC. I used it to text as recently as yesterday.

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