Saved WiFi not connecting anymore

My daughter has a Moto E 2nd generation phone and has been able to access home WiFi at her dad’s house since she got her phone in August. All of a sudden, the WiFi connection says “saved” but it is not connected. I had her reboot her phone, “forget” the WiFi and reconnect, and she is still getting the same result.

I tried to connect to his WiFi on my phone and get the same thing.

Has anyone else come across this?

Thank you in advance!


As you both have the same problem, it would appear that the problem may be with either your authentication, or with your dads router.

  • Go into Settings/Wi-Fi and watch the sequence of events that occur when you Save the PW … wait a bit and ensure that the final state does not change to “Authentication problem” see (Authentication problems) for full details
  • At minimum do a controlled Power Cycle of your network … Power Cycle - fixes many problems (from WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide

I am also having this problem with the WiFi at work. But just my phone is having the problem. My computer (and everyone else’s) doesn’t have a problem with the WiFi

It switches from “Saved” to “WiFi Connection Failure” As this is the work router I can’t run it through a power cycle. I have let my IT know about it and they tried a couple of things to try to fix it. It works on their phones, just not on mine.

Any suggestions?

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