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I have an original moto G with whatever texting software/app comes with it. When people text me pictures in a slideshow, I can’t do anything with them. I can’t enlarge them, I can’t save them. Pretty useless. Is there a setting I need to set up properly to make it more useful? Any help appreciated. Thanks

Correction: after looking on line, I see if I long press just OFF the picture, I do get the ability to same the pictures as attachments. They are enlarged as well. One press to save and ALL the pictures were saved.



You might want to switch to this texting app instead, it’s more robust than the stock app:

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Thanks, will look at it tonight.

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If you’re going to switch apps, I strongly recommend Republic Anywhere instead of Android Messages. It is from Republic, supported by Republic and offers the advantage of being able to use in multiple locations.

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