Saving Text Messages to computer once serivce is terminated

Once I install the Republic Anywhere app on my computer does that automatically save my texts? If I cancel my service with Republic, do those texts stay on my computer? If not, is there a way to save old texts after service is terminated?

Hi @lorienl and welcome to the Community!

Republic Anywhere is not intended to back up text messages from one’s phone to a computer and, in fact, would stop working should you cancel Republic service.

You would need to use a text message backup solution. Many here like this app for that purpose:

On the other hand, canceling Republic service wouldn’t remove messages stored on one’s phone in the first place.

Finally, is there a specific reason, you wish to cancel Republic service? Are you planning on using the same phone with a different service provider?

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Thank you.
The issue is my phone’s battery is dead and won’t recharge so I don’t have access. I was hoping I could recover that data somehow.
I am getting a new phone and service provider because the service through Republic has become unreliable for my business. In the past year I have not received text messages or received them hours later. They also don’t always load or send from my phone.

Hi @lorienl,

What is the brand, model and generation of the dead phone? Generally, short of expensive forensic recovery, it isn’t possible to recover content from a dead phone. Anywhere can restore the last 30 days of text message content from Republic’s servers to a compatible device other than one’s phone. More on Anywhere is linked here:

The dilemma is Anywhere requires your phone number be active with Republic. Once you cancel service that would no longer be the case and Anywhere would no longer function on any device. I do not know of another app capable of reading Anywhere’s database on a device nor can Anywhere move text messages from another device back to a phone active with another service provider. The best one might do is acquire another Republic compatible phone, activate it with Republic, then it would be possible to use Anywhere to retrieve the most recent 30 days from Republic’s servers to the newly Republic activated phone. From there, you could use the app referenced in my initial response to move those text messages to another Android phone with a new service provider.

It sounds like you might be experiencing a coverage issue. If you haven’t previously explored that and would like to do so, might we know your zip code?


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