Saving Text Messages to new phone


What is the easiest way (besides republic anywhere) to move all text messages to a new phone?


use this app is the recommended way


For the sake of clarity, Republic Anywhere doesn’t move all text messages to a new phone. In fact, Anywhere doesn’t move messages between phones at all. Anywhere connects to Republic’s servers directly and would be able to retrieve only the last 30 days of text messaging history.

I mention this only so others reading the thread know Anywhere is not a true backup and restore option nor is it intended to be. For that @drm186 has pointed to a better option.

How Do I Transfer Text Messages & Call Log to New Moto X4

Thanks DRM186, the SMS Backup and Restore did the trick! The only pitfall is you have to temporarily make that app the default SMS app, then move back to Messages (no big deal). Rolandh, I figured someone would tell me I had to do some copy/pasting from the R.A. window which I did not want to do, but thanks for clearing that up.
R.W. made it pretty easy to go to the new phone, KUDOS to the team!

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