Saving text on Moto G3

Daughter wants to know if there is a way (an app) to save text messages from Moto G3 to new G6 phone. Tech support said to ask in the community.

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en - Here’s a great overview on moving content: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

We used the SMS Backup and Restore mentioned to move both text messages and call log from our old Moto G1’s to new Moto G6’s.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much. I wished I had asked when I bought my Moto G6

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You are welcome. We were very happy to have found this information in the Tips & Tricks section of the Community before we did our G6’s. Transferring the texts and call log between phones made the process pretty painless. The people in this community always amaze me with all of the great information that is shared.


What is Advanced messaging (RCS)

RCS is a protocol that, over time, will replace SMS/MMS for messaging. It allows for things like typing indications, delivery and read notifications and larger images to be sent by what looks like a text message.

You can read more about RCS here:

Thank you. Any idea when it will come to Motorola? I am probably a minority that does not do face book on my phone and use an adblock on firefox on my computer.

It actually has nothing at all to do with Motorola and rather with Republic’s partner (Bandwidth) and Republic. As to when RCS might come to Republic, there hasn’t been any information about that.

I did some further reading. I anyone familiar with Telegram app for android phones? How does it do? Lots of pros and cons on the reviews.

Can you tell us what you’re trying to accomplish? You’ve asked a couple of questions about messaging apps but RCS and Telegram are two very different things. What’s the goal?

No goal. Just wondered what it was RCS and followed some links.

OK, you then asked a question about Telegram, which is an entirely different thing, an method of sending encrypted messages over data, so I was trying to figure out if there was a problem you were trying to solve.

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