Says phone locked?

Moto G5+ trying to download pictures to computer but computer cannot connect because it says the phone is locked???

On the phone screen you need to both unlock the phone and then there should be a notification about being connected which you will need to change to data transfer rather than charge.

The detailed directions are here: How to Transfer Data from a Motorola, Nexus, Pixel, or Alcatel Phone to a PC – Republic Help

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I understand all that. It says the phone is locked. That is what I cannot get past. The phone operates normally. I can take and view pictures but it says the phone is locked???

Perhaps the cable you’re using is not able to transfer data…
This is from the link @louisdi sent you:

  • Not all charging cables have the proper pins for data transfer. For the best experience, use the cable that came with the phone

Were you able to transfer before with the cable you’re using? :thinking:

That message is usually there when you don’t change to file transfer mode, you’ve done that?

It is the same cable that came with the phone for charging. Before I was always able to swipe the face and select transfer files but that one no longer appears. All the rest are there. It is the locked that is throwing me.

Humm, if it was working before… how about rebooting both phone and computer and see what happens.

Will do it right now.

That didn’t change anything. The icon for importing files is not there and the computer continues to say phone is locked???

So you don’t get this option…?

Is the phone saying it’s locked only when you are hooked up to the PC and trying to set it to transfer?

Can you post a screen shot of that message saying the phone is locked?

Here is one more oddball thing to try (saw this on a Microsoft page):

If you have an SD card in the G5+, turn off the phone, remove it and try again.

Mine never did have that exact layout. Icons only for network, bluetooth, do not disturb, flashlight, portrait, and battery saver. Bluetooth and flashlight have a line through them indication off. The one for file transfer used to be there but gone today,

I would like to do that, but it comes out WITH the SIM card on this phone. The phone then needed to be registered again and I lost my number for 3 days and a lot of emails to Republic before I could get my number back.

What you’re looking for is something like this (the white bar is what you tap):

Similar to that.

Thanks for the help everyone but I went to the Moto phone support Lenovo and found out how to access the phone with my computer. It was easier than the swiping anyway. Settings, connected devices, USB/Transfer files and presto.
Thanks for all the help.

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