Scams/Junk Messages left on Voicemail **SOLVED**

How is it that I can receive voicemails from scammers without them leaving a missed call? This is something new I have seen in the last two months. I am used to getting junk calls often - I do not answer any calls I do not recognize or are not in my contacts. I just hit a volume control button to silence the ringer.

Lately, I have been left voicemails from robocallers who do not ring my phone and do not leave a “missed Call”. How is this possible?

Have you enabled the Republic junk call feature? The directions are here: How to Block Robocalls/Spam Calls Using the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help and if you’ve enabled the call blocking, but not the voicemail blocking, the exact behavior you’re describing would be happening.


Thank You!!! I did block calls without blocking Voicemails!

Thank you for the quick answer!!!

An extremely satisfied customer for many years,


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