My reviewing E mails was interrupted by a message warning me that I received 4 viruses that has caused 28.1% damage to my system and that my sim card was going to be damaged unless I made a free download of an app to fix the problem. The message came from " " I then shut my phone down. Is this a scam?

Ken [redacted]

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Hi @kennethr.omfb1r!

It certainly sounds like it. If your SIM card was indeed in jeopardy, no 3rd party app could save it. It would most likely take a hardware fix, or, at the very least, a OEM system update. Sometimes an app you download pushes adds on your phone’s notification tray. Its extremely annoying! I would recommend deleting any sketchy apps (like a random flashlight app) or games and see if that fixes the problem. You could also install and run a virus scanner. Some of the better ones can catch rogue apps that display annoying adds and tell you which app(s) are the culprit(s). Hope that helps!



Usually these display on your browser. Don’t click on it, but go into the browser history and delete the culprit. The browser history can be deleted too if it makes you feel safer.

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