Scan MotoX for virus or malware

Hi everyone,

I opened an "unsubscribe’’ link in a phishing email via my phone. Duh

Do you know how I can check to see if I imported something bad - malware, virus - into my MotoX? I searched for an app to "scan’’ and for "virus’’ and "malware’’ but didn’t find anything and don’t want to make yes another mistake.

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Mixte Bike

You don’t need to scan your phone as long as you didn’t install anything from the link. Most of these malware attacks are directed to Windows.

How would you know if you installed anything, you would receive a prompt from Android asking you to change settings to allow the install. As long as you didn’t get that prompt, no malware was installed.

This is a nice article that explains things much better than I can:



If you’re a belt and suspenders person, you can try the free version of Malwarebytes.

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Generally, so long as one confines themselves to reputable sources for apps, I don’t believe an anti-malware app is needed on an Android. That said, if I were going to use one it would be Malwarebytes.


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