ScanGuard for Android



Is the ScanGuard app recommend for safety of your Android?


Republic 3.0 Phones are unlocked and unmodified from the OEM so if an app works n it’s version on Android (6.0+) it should be OK to use

do not if an app is a VPN it may interfere with WiFi Calling pushing those calls to Cell


Does a users use of VPN actually interferes with any the WiFi calling process?


I can tell you from personal experience, that most of the VPNs I’ve tried increase latency to the point that calls are made over cellular instead of wifi. I’m not talking about a local VPN to my router, but a 3rd party provider.


I generally don’t recommend any anti-virus apps. Viruses are pretty rare on Android and most anti-viruses cause more problems than they solve (reduce battery life, can cause calling issues, etc).


I guess my question to @seanr, was because of the RW notification seen when a user 1st installs the RW App … and I don’t really understand what it is saying


Republic’s 3.0 app uses a local VPN on the phone only as a means of providing a master on/off cell data switch. Many firewall apps employ the same means for the same purpose.

VPN apps that route Internet traffic through remote servers to disguise its origin are a different animal. These do often introduce sufficient latency to cause Republic’s app to hand the call off to cellular.