Scheduled Maintenance: 1/29/2020

Scheduled maintenance: Our Account Portal, Online Store Checkout, and app-based account tools will be unavailable during a scheduled maintenance window at the beginning of the business day on January 29, 2020, lasting approximately 30 minutes. During this time activations, cancellations, plan changes, data purchases, online store purchases, data usage lookup, and number changes and transfers will be temporarily unavailable.

Scheduled maintenance is complete and all account management options are available.

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Thanks for the information. A couple of suggestions: 1) For some reason this email came to me on January 30 at 9:51 am (Pacific Time), so it was outdated before I received it. 2) From the information received: “at the beginning of the business day on January 29, 2020,” - I’d suggest letting us know the exact time when it will begin, and what time zone that exact time is for.

Hi @samd,

Thanks for the feedback.

Our Community platform has E-mail settings each member can configure, we typically don’t set them for you, and the purpose of the Announcements in our Community forum is not to reach our members by E-mail, but to publicly post announcements. I wonder if you received the news through the weekly digest, which would be why it was not sent when the announcement was made?

At the time the announcement was made, we did not have an exact time of the maintenance window, only that it would be at the beginning of the business day, as the actual time of the maintenance window was dependent on the completion of a file sync and the duration of that event was uncertain. We do understand the need to provide the most precise details possible, and I strive to do so whenever I can.

I did make an assumption that our Community members know we are located in North Carolina, in the eastern time zone, but I will make a note to include that information in further announcements.

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Thanks very much for the explanation, Southpaw. You’re the best!


@samd, it looks like you have our “Announcements” category set to “tracking.” If you switch it to “watching first post” I think you’ll get E-mail within about 10 minutes of any new Announcement topics.

To update it, log into Community, and go to Announcements & News - Member Community.
Click the Notify button image
Select “Watching first post.”


Thank you, Southpaw! I hope you realize that you go way beyond the extra mile - you’re amazing.

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