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New to Republic. I’m receiving daily notifications for Android updates. I never experienced this with verizon, I think they did it automatically. It’s inconvenient to do the update in the middle of the day. Any way to schedule them to automatically take place in the middle of the night? Tried “remind me later”, but that doesn’t do it.

You should not be getting daily Android update notifications. Those update the operating system and don’t come every day. Actually, they are rather infrequent. I think what you’re seeing is app update notifications from the Google Play app. You can configure notification options from the settings of the Play app. Open Google Play, tap the menu bars and select Notifications. Personally, I don’t recommend updating in the background. You may be trying to use your phone for something important while Play is updating a meaningless app in the background. It’s a personal preference, though.


Sure look like Android updates to me. I thought maybe the notifications were repeating. However, Wednesday’s version was NPN26.118-22. Thursday’s version was different.

I see you have the Z Play. I have that phone, too. My phone says I’m up to date at v. NPNS26.118-22-1. I’m not aware of any new updates, though any and all Android updates would be welcome. Don’t know why you received so many notifications in such a short period, but, that’s not usually how it works. Android updates (from Motorola) are usually few and far between. And, no, there is no way to schedule the notifications. Since they usually include important security patches, Google and Motorola want you to update ASAP. All you can do is tap “Remind me later”.


22-1 is the version I’m currently downloading. Maybe my new phone sat on the shelf for a while and can’t catch up in one update? Sounds silly, but I can’t think of another explanation. Hope this does it for a while!
Thanks for your help beachb.

OK…I’m now showing Build number 22-1 and the security patch level went from July 1 to August 1.

Generally, when first activating a phone, you could have anywhere from 0, to I’ve seen as many as 5, system updates to do. Because of the way these updates work, you can’t just apply the latest, but must apply them in order. I’m quite sure that’s what you’re seeing.

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