Screen failing or No?


Today,my screen faded and had stripes up and sideways then I restarted the phone,and it was fine.
It’s never done that. Wonder if it’s time for a new phone? It isn’t that old.


Hi @ donalde
Has the phone been dropped or anything dramatic in it’s short life? The phones usually carry a 1 yr warranty. What was the date it was bought? This can be found in the main account.
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Warranty up in July. No drops or anything . Working OK now.
Phone taken care of like a Baby


I did see this on the net.


Hi @ donalde
A support ticket can be made and state your issues and show the link above you posted to them in the support ticket. Support may help with an exchange or refer you to Motorola/Lenovo for a replacement request . Support may facilitate for you to Motorola, there are many options.
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There is no warranty remaining that I know of. amazon said expired July .


If this is caused by a latent defect in manufacture as the article suggests Motorola will probably cover it out of warranty. No harm in asking.


@ donalde
Yeah what my good friend @billg said, Motorola sometimes replaces out of warranty defects.
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I’ll have to see if the screen fails again. After a restart ,it’s been ok

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