Screen goes blank

What phone do you have?
Moto g5 Plus

What plan are you on?
20.00 a month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Does include data

Issue Description

Just recently my screen goes blank after dialing a number or receiving a call.

Hi @debr.93z6bk,

The phone has a light sensor (the proximity sensor) that is designed to turn off the screen when you are in a call and put the phone to your ear, so that your face doesn’t play games with the touch screen while you’re in a call.

When the screen turns off during the call, even though you’re not holding the phone to your ear, it indicates the proximity sensor is sensing something very close to the screen, or is broken. We often see this happen when people install a new screen protector or case that is blocking the proximity sensor. Have you recently added a screen protector or case to the phone? Is an old one on the phone that might have slid out of its normal place?

You can test the proximity sensor in the Moto Help app. Instructions: How to Test the Proximity Sensor on a Motorola Phone – Republic Help

I have seen some mention for the Moto G5 Plus that turning off “power button ends call” in the accessibility settings can clear up this issue, when the proximity sensor is not at fault.


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