Screen goes dim with Kindle app


My Moto 4G is fine and works well for me. I do have one problem. When I read a book on Kindle the screen goes dim. I can still read it but ir’s like the back-light goes to half power. I can adjust screen brightness but that makes no difference on the Kindle app. Auto Brightness on or off has no effect.
Is this just something Kindle app controls?


not having kindle on my phone I found this in the android tablet fourm
try it and let us know…

Hi, I also had this problem a short time ago and I found a solution *thanks to whoever gave it to me. For some odd reason the option to keep the display bright is not found under settings in the Android app, but under the font settings. If you tap the centre of your screen whilst reading your book the icons will appear at the top of your screen. Click the font size icon, and a drop down list of settings will appear. The one at the bottom deals with brightness. To be honest, it’s not really too clear either, but I just clicked on it and when I exited my screen was working brightly again - and didn’t go off to a dim past when I restarted the Kindle App.


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