Screen is acting up

Moto x pure left half of screen is lighter than the right it’s right down the middle just started.

Hi @tom4342,

Candidly, this sounds like a phone headed for hardware failure. That said, you might try the following to see if it’s a software issue:

Please clear both the app and the Android system caches: How to Clear Cache on Android – Republic Help. If after these steps normal operation is restored, you’re done.

If clearing the cache(s) doesn’t sort things the next step is safe mode: Safe Mode – Republic Help. Safe mode is intended to be a diagnostic tool not a permanent solution. If your phone behaves better while in safe mode, there is a third party app at the root of the issue. You’ll need to identify and remove that app.

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Done all that a couple times was hoping I would get another year or two out of this phone. I do like the g7 power but you don’t support it.

I left out the obligatory factory reset, so if not already tried that’s a final option for the X Pure.

Though it doesn’t sell it, Republic does support the Moto G7 Power for bring your own phone. There may, however, be coverage caveats. May we know your zip code (to protect your privacy nothing more), so we might provide further insight?

Did the factory reset as well nofication sounds stopped I cured that with an app but now the screen is failing.It does get heavy use so I imagine it’s worn out. My zip is 23666. I like the price and battery life of the g7 power. The Samsung’s are nice however the prices are out of reach.

Hi @tom4342,

The reason I asked for the zip code is because Republic’s standalone bring your own SIM is GSM (T-Mobile). According to Republic’s coverage check tool GSM coverage in your area is adequate.

Though the G7 Power is hardware compatible with Republic’s CDMA (Sprint) network partner, Republic is not yet able to offer a CDMA SIM for any G7 series phone. As one last precaution on the coverage front, would you be kind enough to tell us which SIM type is in the X Pure? Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

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It says GSM

Hi @tom4342,

That’s perfect. What you’ll need to do is acquire the compatible G7 Power elsewhere. Motorola has it here: If you want to shop around be certain to acquire model XT-1955-5 as described here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

Once the new phone is in hand, simply move the SIM from your X Pure to the G7 Power, then once past initial phone setup install or update the Republic app. You’ll be presented with an abbreviated activation sequence that will move service (and your number) from the X Pure to the G7 Power.

If guidance for moving user content from the X Pure to the G7 Power would be helpful, please see here: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone.


Cool doesn’t seem to be as good a phone as the pure but I do like the battery life.

My partner has the G7 Power and loves it. I just received the X4 as a replacement for my X Pure. It’s $129 at Amazon. Older than the G7 Power but but it also upgrades to Pi like the G7.

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The only thing I will miss about the pure is the camera which is really good

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